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3d rendering of 3 different angles of fixed solution dentures

The Fixed Solution FAQs

How can I get fixed teeth in one day? I thought the implants had to heal?

What is unique about this procedure, and what allows us to attach to your implants from day one, is that all of your implants will be rigidly splinted together by your new teeth (the implant bridge). Splinting them together prevents the micro-movement of the implants that can lead to failure early on. Basically, your implants and bridge all support each other.
Your dental implants will be made of titanium, the same material used in artificial hip and knee joints, so your jawbone will naturally grow around and attach to them over time.

What if another dentist said you're not a candidate or do not have enough bone?

The majority of patients that have been told they are not a candidates for dental implants are actually good candidates for the Fixed Solutions Teeth in a Day procedure. A combination of using angled implants and using the front of the jaw bone where the bone is more dense allows us to complete this procedure for many patients that thought it was not an option. We can usually perform this procedure without the need for expensive grafting that delays treatment by months or years. Please come see us for a complimentary consultation to see if you are a candidate.

a photo of the implants on a fixed solution denture

Can the extractions, implants, and fixed teeth really be completed in the same day?

Yes! This is our preferred way of doing this procedure with the best outcome. With the advanced implants and materials that we have available today, there is usually no reason to have to wait months or even years to go through the process like you had to do in the past.

What do the new implant bridges feel like?

Your new implant bridges will be a new sensation and will take a few days or sometimes a few weeks to get used to.

Is there excessive pain involved in this procedure?

While there will be moderate pain, it is similar to the pain of dental extractions. We use a combination of medications to help control pain and keep our patients as comfortable as possible.

What is the recovery time like for this procedure?

This will vary from patient to patient, but, overall, the recovery period is shorter and easier with this procedure compared to other full arch or full mouth replacement options. This is mainly thanks to the bridges being attached directly to your jaws via your implants. Traditional dentures and implant dentures both require healing periods during which time the dentures are able to move and cause sore spots. Your pain should subside for the most part within 1-2 weeks, with complete healing typically after 6 months.

What about mini dental implants? Or snap in dentures?

Mini dental implants are not even related to what we do at Crown & Denture Solutions for our Fixed Solutions  teeth in a day procedure. Please proceed with caution at any office recommending mini dental implants as a permanent solution. They have a very high failure/complication rate.

Snap-in implant dentures are a good option for some patients. We also provide this service and have an entire page dedicated to these if you want to learn more. They can be a more affordable alternative to the Fixed Solutions Teeth in a Day dental implant procedure.

What is the difference between Crown & Denture Solutions and corporate implant centers?

At Crown & Denture Solutions, we have the same advantages of the corporate implant centers by limiting our practice to dental implants and prosthetics. We have an in-house lab, competitive pricing, and same day teeth. However, we are privately owned, and every patient will be seen by our doctor. We focus on the satisfaction of our patients instead of monthly quotas, cost cutting, and shareholders. At the corporate implant centers, there is no guarantee that you will be treated by the same dentist that has the great reviews or your friend recommended you see. Our doctor oversees your procedure from beginning to end and the team at Crown & Denture Solutions will do everything to make sure you are happy with your smile and take care of you like family.

What is the difference between Crown & Denture Solutions vs. another local office?

We limit our practice to dental implants and prosthetics. Dental implants and specifically teeth in a day is our passion, and we are constantly working to ensure our patients get the best results possible. Many offices will refer you to multiple providers, use outside labs, and have confusing pricing. They will take many months or even years to complete your procedure while charging you 50-100% more. Our doctor performs the procedure from surgery to final teeth, we have an in house lab and lab technician, and transparent, affordable pricing. By having all this under one roof, we are able to deliver the best service at the best price.

How do we offer the Fixed Solution Teeth in a Day dental implants for so much less than others?

Because of the high number of these procedures we perform and limiting our practice to very specific procedures, we have advantages that other offices do not have. We have our in-house lab and lab technician and a single dentist that performs the entire procedure. Because of the efficiencies, we are able to offer these procedures for our patients at the most competitive pricing. Not only do we have the best prices, we also use the best quality implants and the best zirconia teeth.

Do you offer warranties or guarantees?

We warranty the final bridge for 7 years. If a dental implant fails to integrate we will replace it at no cost. To keep this warranty, our patients must return every 6 months for maintenance and hygiene of their bridges/implants. The warranty does not apply to patients that continue to smoke or have uncontrolled diabetes or develop other uncontrolled systemic conditions that compromise their implants.

How long does the procedure take?

Usually the surgery takes about 1.5 hours per arch. Then, the lab portion of making the teeth takes about 2 hours. If we start in the morning, for a single upper or lower arch patients are usually done around lunch time. If we are replacing both top and bottom teeth, we usually finish around 2:30 to 3:30 in the afternoon. Most of this time is waiting for the teeth to be made in our lab and trying them in to ensure your smile is just right. It is a long day, but will definitely be worth it in the end!

What if I have already had all my teeth extracted and wear dentures?

We see many patients that currently have dentures they are unhappy with. These are usually great candidates for the Fixed Solutions Teeth in a Day dental implant procedure.

What if I don’t like my new teeth?

We do everything possible to ensure you love your new smile. The teeth you get the same day of surgery are only a temporary/transitional set. When we fabricate your final teeth, you will have full control of the design and appearance of your teeth.

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