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Crown and Denture Solutions is committed to changing smiles...and lives. That's what #GraceProject is all about...Changing Lives for the better. The initiative is named after my daughter who is the best gift I ever received,  and we want to pass that GRACE along to others. 

If you know someone that could benefit from a life-changing smile but doesn't have the resources, we want to know their story. Are they having trouble getting a job? Are they embarrassed to smile? Have they completely changed their life, but still need help picking up the pieces? Send us an email and tell us why they are the best choice for us to help. 

While we can't choose everyone, we will be choosing someone every few months and helping that person just because we can.  We won't publish it.  We don't want the publicity.  And more than likely you'll never even know what we did. We'll never ask them to reveal that we even helped or mention our name. We simply ask them to pay it forward.


Fill out the submission form below and email it back to us at: We will only consider those who have filled out this form.  We will call you if you are selected for the #GraceProject.  Please do not make an appointment for the #GraceProject if you were not selected. 

-Dr. Haygood

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