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Immediate Dentures

Worried about having to go in public without teeth while you heal from extractions? Problem solved! We offer same-day immediate dentures.

A couple taking a selfie. Smiling because they got dentures in a day

What are immediate dentures?

What are the advantages
of immediate dentures?

These are dentures which are placed immediately following the removal of your remaining natural teeth, either upper, lower, or both. They’re made right there in our on-site denture lab. That allows you to have dentures in a day, making sure you have no long waits without teeth. Sometimes they are called "healing dentures."

Leave our clinic with new teeth the same day your old teeth are removed. No need to go toothless! Immediate dentures help control swelling & bleeding. They also help you start getting used to dentures right away. The alternative is getting used to being toothless while your extraction sites heal, then still having to learn to function with dentures once you’re healed.

a woman holding top and bottom dentures


  • The process typically takes 6 months, but can take longer for some patients.


  • Impressions are taken before your procedure with your natural teeth still present. From these impressions, your dentures are fabricated.

  • Procedure – your teeth are removed and your new teeth are placed.

  • Series of soft liners (soft re-fittings) over 6 month healing period.

  • Final re-fit (processed hard reline) at end of 6 month healing period.

From Social Interactions to Inner Peace:
The Role of Immediate Dentures

Continuity in Social Life:

Immediate dentures can play a pivotal role in maintaining one's self-confidence. For many, a smile is a vital part of their identity, and the idea of going without teeth, even for a short period, can be daunting. By choosing immediate dentures, you ensure that you never have to face a day without that confidence-boosting smile.

Emotional Stability:

The process of losing natural teeth can be emotionally taxing. Immediate dentures offer a sense of continuity, reducing the emotional toll of adjusting to a new dental reality. They serve as a bridge, easing the transition from natural teeth to dentures.

Functional Benefits with Emotional Impacts:

While the primary role of immediate dentures is functional, helping with speech and eating, there's an undeniable emotional comfort in being able to continue daily routines without interruption.

A Stepping Stone to Your Final Smile:

Think of immediate dentures as the interim solution while you journey to your final smile. Whether you're awaiting your final set of traditional dentures or dental implants, immediate dentures ensure you're never without a smile along the way.

Immediate Denture FAQs

Smiling Businesswoman


$3099 set / $1600 Single Denture

  • Strongest, most durable teeth

  • Most life-like appearance

  • Most stain resistant

  • 6 year warranty

Smiling Senior Woman


$2,599 set / $1,350 Single Denture

  • Stronger, more durable teeth

  • More life-like appearance

  • Increased stain resistance

  • 4 year warranty

Selfie Portrait


$2199 set / $1150 Single Denture

  • Stronger, more durable teeth

  • More life-like appearance

  • Increased stain resistance

  • 2 year warranty

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