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Experience the difference of our affordable dentures, carefully crafted and tailored to your unique needs right on-site. You can even have your new teeth in a day! Our Platinum Denture stands at the pinnacle of offerings, ensuring the most life-like appearance, superior stain resistance, and a robust six-year warranty. These dentures aren't just about aesthetics; they're about restoring confidence, letting you smile and laugh without hesitation. Dive into life with renewed zeal! Our offerings also expand to the Gold and Silver options, providing durability and authenticity with remarkable stain resistance. Rekindle the joy of radiant smiles with our unmatched denture solutions

It is a top and bottom traditional denture.


  • Looks - Our Custom Made Dentures provide great looks and are easily customized for each individual.


  • Facial support - Dentures help to fill back out areas of the face that have sunken in following tooth loss.

  • Improved nutrition - Improved chewing ability leads to better digestion and improved nutrition.

  • Affordability - Dentures are the most cost-effective way to replace a full arch (upper or lower) or a full mouth of teeth.

  • Improve quality of life - enjoy a higher quality of life with the ability to eat more of the foods you enjoy and laugh and smile with friends and family. 

  • Improved confidence - Great looks and a new smile.



$2,599 set / $1,350 single denture

  • Strongest, most durable teeth

  • Most life-like appearance

  • Most stain resistant

  • 6 year warranty


$1,999 set / $1,050 single denture

  • Stronger, more durable teeth

  • More life-like appearance

  • Increased stain resistance

  • 4 year warranty


$1,499 set / $800 single denture

  • Stronger, more durable teeth

  • More life-like appearance

  • Increased stain resistance

  • 2 year warranty

We Use the IvoBase System for Superior Denture Fabrication

At Crown & Denture Solutions, we are committed to delivering not only beautiful smiles but also the highest quality in denture fabrication. That's why we proudly use the IvoBase System, a cutting-edge technology in the world of prosthodontics.

What Makes the IvoBase

System Stand Out?

  • Fully Automated Precision: The IvoBase Injector allows for a fully controlled injection and polymerization process, ensuring high accuracy of fit and unmatched precision in every denture we craft.

  • Advanced Material Quality: We use special PMMA resins that are perfectly coordinated with the IvoBase System. This means our dentures exhibit qualities similar to heat-cured materials, but with the processing benefits of cold-curing polymers.

  • Patient Comfort and Satisfaction: Our dentures are known for their excellent fit, dimensional stability, and smooth surface finish. The low residual monomer content in the IvoBase Material ensures both comfort and safety for our patients.

  • Innovative Material Options: Choose from IvoBase Hybrid for quick processing times and suitability for all kinds of removable dentures, or IvoBase High Impact for its high fracture toughness and suitability for heavily loaded structures.

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What Does the IvoBase System Mean for You and Your Denture?

Imagine you're building a super cool LEGO model. You want the pieces to fit just right, so your model is strong and looks great, right? That's kind of what we do with your dentures using the IvoBase System!

Like a Perfect
Puzzle Piece

The IvoBase System helps us make sure your denture fits perfectly in your mouth. It's like finding the perfect puzzle piece that fits just right.

Super Quick and Strong

Some of our denture materials are like superheroes! They get strong really fast and can handle a lot of chewing and talking, just like you need them to.

Super Comfortable

We make sure your dentures don’t feel icky or uncomfortable. They're made to feel smooth and comfy in your mouth, so you can eat, talk, and smile without any worries.

Safe and Sound

Our special way of making dentures is really safe, so you don’t have to worry about anything weird in your mouth. It’s all about keeping your smile happy and healthy.

Awesome for the Planet

We like to take care of our Earth, so we use a cool machine that doesn’t need lots of extra stuff like water or air to work. It's like being a superhero for the planet!


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