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  • Dr. Haygood

The Importance of the Roof of the Mouth in Tasting Food

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

As a dentist, I often encounter patients who are struggling with the effects of traditional dentures on their sense of taste. The roof of the mouth, or the palate, is a crucial part of the taste experience. The palate is home to various types of taste buds that detect different flavors in food, and also contains temperature and texture receptors. Different regions of the palate are associated with different tastes, with the front being more sensitive to sweet flavors and the back to bitter tastes.

However, traditional dentures can have a significant impact on the way we taste food. Dentures can alter the pressure on the tongue and roof of the mouth, obstruct or shift the position of taste buds, and cause a metallic or chemical taste in the mouth. This can lead to a reduced stimulation of taste buds, resulting in a duller sense of taste and a decreased enjoyment of food. The first thing I tell my patients who love to eat is that a traditional denture may change the way food tastes because it covers the palate, where some of the taste buds are located.

One of my most memorable cases was a chef who was passionate what he does for a living and he needed to be able to taste and evaluate the flavors in his dishes. A traditional denture was not an option for him as it could alter the pressure on the palate and obstruct taste buds. But with a fixed implant denture I was able to help him keep his natural sense of taste. Implant dentures secure directly to the jawbone, creating a solid foundation that opens up the roof of the mouth, allowing for more stimulation of taste buds and a better perception of different flavors in food.

The roof of the mouth plays a crucial role in our sense of taste and it's essential to understand how traditional dentures can affect our experience of flavor and texture. Implant dentures offer a permanent solution that can help restore a more natural sense of taste, allowing food enthusiasts and chefs to regain their enjoyment of their favorite dishes.

Close up of Woman's open mouth with tongue sticking out
Close up of Woman's open mouth with tongue sticking out


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